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Being cautious around the Hub is a very normal response for some dogs at first - the Hub looks and sounds totally different from anything your dog has interacted with before! We've found that the startle reaction diminishes over time, as your dog gets consistent feedback that yummy things come from the Hub, and realizes what needs to be done to get it.

The Hub will give food away for free at first, with the food dish rotating out for longer and longer periods of time to give your dog a chance to eat from it. There are a few things you can do to help incentivize your pup to approach the Hub. First, fill the Hub with super high-value treats - the good stuff, whatever makes them happy! You can also place treats around the Hub to encourage approach, like a trail of breadcrumbs!

If your dog is really hesitant, try using it as a food dish for a while: lift the dome up using the rear latches to rotate the dish out, and then unplug the Hub, and lower the dome until it clicks back into place. Don't plug the Hub back in. Fill it with your dog's food, or with treats, so your pup can get used to using it without any of the noises associated with a plugged-in Hub.

For some more information about how to increase your dog's curiosity and confidence with the Hub, check out our Trainer Tips video series featuring our Chief Dog Trainer, Graham Bloem. 

If your dog is still hesitant to approach and eat from the Hub after trying these tips, check out some more in-depth advice here

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