Stage 4: Seeing the Lights
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Your dog will not pay attention to the lights right away. While they can see the lights, they haven't learned that the lights mean anything important. This takes time! A dog will first have to be comfortable, curious, and learning how to use the touchpads before the lights come into play (pun intended!).
Here are some things you can do to help your pup take notice of the lights: Always remain calm, patient, and encouraging when your pup is interacting with the Hub. To help motivate your pup, mix high value treats with their kibble so they have those occasional "jackpot!" moments. Consider slowly shifting your dog's regular meals from a dog bowl to the Hub, since this increases the opportunities that your pup has to engage and learn.
This video talks more about what it means to See the Lights, an achievement that takes patience and time from both you and your pup, during Stage 4: Seeing the Lights:

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