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Should I use the Hub to feed my dog treats or regular kibble?
Should I use the Hub to feed my dog treats or regular kibble?
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When first starting out with the Hub, many pet parents use treats only. Over time, you may want to shift more and more of the food dispensed by the Hub to regular kibble. This adjustment to your dog’s eating routine will take some time. Of course, you can sprinkle a few treats in with the regular kibble to add to the fun. It's your prerogative!

Won't my dog overeat if they're eating from the Hub all day?

The Hub’s food pod is uniquely designed to dispense only a small number of kibbles at a time (depending on kibble size), and you can track how many food rewards your dog has received from the Hub in real time each day using our mobile app’s Kibble Count. When you fill the CleverPet Hub with the regular amount of dry food your dog would eat over the course of the day, the food is used as a reward for learning how to engage with the CleverPet. This means your dog will receive the normal amount of food he or she would eat anyway.

Tell me more about eating meals from the Hub!

One of the most effective ways (though not the only way) to use the CleverPet Hub is to feed your dog his or her regular meals almost entirely via the Hub. The food pod holds up to 2.5 cups of food. Using the Hub to distribute all of your dog’s daily food maximizes opportunities to learn and engage, and reinforces the new routine your pup is developing, in addition to giving your dog a good job to do–earning meals.

For some tips and advice on how to incorporate the Hub into your dog's daily food schedule, check out our Trainer Tips series featuring our Chief Dog Trainer, Graham Bloem.

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