Disassembling the Hub
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To make sure that all the parts of the Hub are aligned correctly, it can be helpful to take apart the Hub and then put the parts back in their proper places. Disassembling the Hub is also helpful for finding kibble jams or if you're going to give the Hub a thorough cleaning.

To start, you'll need to remove the dome using the rear latches.

Then remove the food pod and the the food tray.

To take apart the food pod, hold it with the orange door pointed up and toward your right side, and with the indented notch on the side of the food pod pointed away from you. Then pull at both ends. 

When you put your Hub back together, make sure the tray is seated well on the rotating mount underneath it and that you insert the food pod with the orange door pointed up. 

Having trouble with your food tray or food pod? Find more troubleshooting tips here.

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