Will CleverPet be a good fit for my dog?
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We’ve seen dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds enjoying the CleverPet Hub. Dogs who take to the Hub most easily have two things in common: they’re food motivated and open to new experiences! If your dog lives for every bite of kibble and is always looking for a new opportunity to explore, we expect your dog to be an active Hubber in no time.

What if my pet isn't a dog? Can they use the Hub?

We’ve seen many other species successful use the Hub, including cats, pigs, foxes, ferrets, servals, donkeys, and even elephants! Keep in mind that the Hub was designed primarily for dogs and cats, and the capacitive sensors in the Hub's touchpads do best with relatively dry noses and paws. If you'd like to try out the Hub with your non-dog or cat pet, please carefully supervise their interaction with the Hub!

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