Do I need WiFi to use the Hub?
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In order to use the Hub in its fullest capability, you will need to connect it to WiFi, using the CleverPet mobile app. When you receive your CleverPet Hub, you'll be directed to download the app at

Once your Hub is connected to WiFi, you will have the power to:

  • Progress through the challenges

  • Download new games and software updates as they become available

  • See your dog’s interaction doing in real time (what challenge is your pup playing? exactly how much food has your dog eaten?)

  • Schedule the Hub to turn on and off, no matter where you are

Is there any way to use the Hub without WiFi?

You can use the Hub in offline mode with limited gameplay. If you'd like to play offline, just plug in your Hub, fill it with food, and wait for the indicator light to turn solid blue! Please note: This limited gameplay does not include the adaptable functionality that will help introduce a dog to the Hub for the first time. We recommend getting the Hub online for a pup’s first-time introduction, unless your dog is fairly bold and food motivated.

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